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Taxi Champlain and Ride-Hailing Company

taxi: Taxi permits in Quebec, once highly sought after given their limited number, have significantly dropped in price and are not in demand, according to National Observer. On Thursday, several month-old listings for permits priced around 100,000 were listed on Kijiji, the online marketplace. He's unsure whether retiring at 65 will be possible anymore. Before Uber, an international ride-hailing company, entered the scene four years ago, taxi permits sold for 220,000, Hajjar said. ; The problem is that we are stuck with the licenses that we have. If I want to do something else, I have to sell my permit. I can't sell it, and I'm not going to throw it away . It's too much money, Hajjar, who works for Taxi Champlain, told National Observer on Wednesday. ( As reported in the news.