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Joseph Pulitzer: News and Term Clickbait

joseph pulitzer: American politicians were lamenting the scourge of invented occurrences as far back the late 19th-century during the media rivalry between William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, whose respective newspapers would publish stories that were outrageous and salacious and which it's rumoured led to war and assassination, according to NOW Magazine. Since the migration of news online, the consequences can be far more sinister than the term clickbait implies. While the expression fake news has been appropriated by President Donald Trump to dismiss the mainstream media, the term's misuse papers over the reality that fake news has indeed existed for a long time often in the form of the tabloid press. In Canada, there are a few culprits to highlight, chief among them the Post Media-owned Sun Media chain. For instance, late last month a trio of figures on the local far-right scene visited a Scarborough hotel housing refugees from Nigeria to film an expos on Trudeau's refugee hotel, allegedly to determine if rumours of the migrants sic destructive behaviour are true. It's become all-too-common for the Sun's various iterations around the nation to engage in smear campaigns, the reporting of conspiracy theories and the spreading of false information about communities and individuals, in particular, Muslim communities. ( As reported in the news.