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Islamophobic Person: Mocks People and Labour Reforms

islamophobic person: In the United States, a racist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic person who lauds white supremacists and mocks people with disabilities is president, according to NOW Magazine. In Austria, Hungary, Poland and Israel, the hard right hold the balance of power. Some days it's hard not to fear for humanity. And right here in Ontario the recent election of Doug Ford is laying waste to progressive policy and labour reforms. Twenty-four hours after Legault's election, his transition team made it very clear those public servants in positions of authority who wear turbans, kippahs and hijabs will lose their jobs. However, it is with our neighbour to the east, Quebec, where the diversity, tolerance and acceptance that used to be commended as Canadian traits are quickly losing ground with Coalition Avenir Qu bec CAQ leader Fran ois Legault's stunning victory in the October 1 provincial election. ( As reported in the news.