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Parties: Tribunal Hearing and Non-Disparagement Agreement

parties: Both parties have signed a non-disclosure and non-disparagement agreement, according to Vancouver Courier. The parties have resolved all outstanding issues. Complainant Andreas Kargut, a now former resident of the Wellington Court townhouse complex in Richmond, said a settlement had been reached in the 11th hour, prior to Monday's scheduled tribunal hearing.article continues below Trending Stories New poll shows Kennedy Stewart continues to lead Vancouver mayoral race Want legal pot Head to Kamloops Vision Vancouver will not run a mayoral candidate for first time in party's history Owners must find tenants soon or risk empty homes tax Kargut, and eight other owners of various ethnic and linguistic backgrounds, made national headlines in December 2015, after claiming racial discrimination from the Mandarin speakers who allegedly refused to conduct strata council meetings including the 2015 Annual General Meeting AGM in English and with no translation service. The parties will not be disclosing the details of the settlement, said Kargut, who previously claimed the future of English in Canada was at stake. According to a request by Glacier Media under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, the provincial government has not pursued changes to the Strata Property Act nor looked at establishing an official language law since Kargut went public with his claim. As it stands, residential strata council meetings in B.C. will continue to be able to operate in any language of a council's choosing, as B.C. has no official language law and the Strata Property Act has no language requirements. ( As reported in the news.