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Climate Refugees: Climate and Animal Species

climate refugees: We are at our children's climate crossroads, according to National Observer. The two paths are clear, as are their consequences. Struggling to conceive leaves you with ample time to think about the Earth your child will inherit and whether, knowing what we know, it is even still ethical to bring life into this world. Which will we choose Climate Change cndpoli onpoli OPed in Nat Observer To put it starkly, I sometimes ponder the odds of my future children dying in a climate-related natural disaster, becoming climate refugees, or fighting in the climate conflicts to come. Such are the perils of being born into the throes of the sixth great extinction where fully one-quarter of all plant and animal species on land are threatened with obliteration by 2050. Unless you've been keeping up with the science, their odds are probably worse than you think. ( As reported in the news.