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Hundred-Year Existence: System and Estimates Range

hundred-year existence: Over the course of the system's more than hundred-year existence, about 30% of Indigenous children around 150,000 were placed in residential schools nationally. 3 4 2 3 The number of school related deaths remains unknown due to an incomplete historical record, though estimates range from 3,200 upwards of 6,000. 5 6 This was an example of the Canadian modern system multicultural system practice running backward, according to Rabble. I think that the residential system did more take way children from their parents, rather is a program destroyed many cultures. The school system was created for the purpose of removing children from the influence of their own culture and assimilating them into the dominant Canadian culture. Culture is priciless and the government should do much to address the legacy of these family to be continued. The made efforts to pay there for mistakes before will really did not far to compensate for ethnic genocide they created. ( As reported in the news.