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Mercury Song: Media Coverage and Multicultural Hunters

mercury song: But in recent history, it's been launched into the national spotlight as the First Nation poisoned by mercury, according to Toronto Star. Song written, recorded and filmed in Grassy Narrows First Nation. It's an Anishinabek community with a rich history of multicultural hunters, trappers, fishers and harvesters of the land. Media coverage of the dumping, which began in the early 1960s, has exposed the world to the community's incredible suffering caused by contamination of the land, water and fish, the consumption of which has made many of its members sick. In April 2016, with support from N'we Jinan, youth in Grassy Narrows including Darwin Fobister and Hailey Loon released an original song called Home to Me, which draws attention to the community's struggle with deforestation and contamination, but also highlights the strength they draw from their deep connection to the environment. About 1,000 people live on the reserve. ( As reported in the news.