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Track Progress: Program Co-Administered and Albanian Student

track progress: She didn't have a matriculation number, the code used by educational institutions to track students' progress, according to Vancouver Courier. And the French translation of Euro-Mediterranean in the university's seal was misspelled. The Albanian student had just finished the first module in what was purported to be a doctoral program co-administered by Slovenia's Euro-Mediterranean University, but the place didn't look like much of a university.article continues below Trending Stories GoFund Me set up for woman brutally assaulted in East Vancouver How to rake up and get rid of fall leaves in Vancouver This is not my Chilliwack School board puts school on the market It didn't have a campus; the room she was sitting in had been rented from a local tourism school in the Slovenian spa town of Portoroz. She raised her hand to ask the university's president what was going on. If you want, I can be your mentor, she recalled him telling her. Joseph Mifsud, a paunchy middle-aged administrator with an easy manner and a greying widow's peak, assured Ruvina that everything was in order, complimented her on her English and offered to advise her on her dissertation. ( As reported in the news.