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Three-Dozen Cops: Sandra Solomon and Canadian Flags

three-dozen cops: Instead, a small group fewer than the three-dozen cops who showed up, some on horseback turned up led by Sandra Solomon, a fixture on the local anti-Muslim scene, best known for ripping a copy of the Holy Quran outside of a Mississauga Islamic Centre earlier this year, according to NOW Magazine. She was draped in an Israeli flag and wearing a WCAI Canada T-shirt. WCAI leader Joey De Luca, who announced a postponement of the rally two days before the event, blamed people being snowflakes about the demonstration being on the same day as the Charlottesville anniversary. Small Canadian flags stuck out on either side of her baseball cap. Solomon walked out the front door a short time later to record the scene on her phone. Counter-protestors quickly descended upon her, forcing her to take refuge in City Hall through a back door. ( As reported in the news.