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Blanchett: Goodwill Ambassador and Refugee

blanchett: Goodwill ambassador and actress Cate Blanchett listens during the United Nations Security Council on the situation in Burma, according to Toronto Star. Blanchett, who visited refugee camps in Bangladesh in March, recounted stories that were told to her. In her very different role as a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. refugee agency, Blanchett said she heard gut-wrenching accounts of torture, rape, people seeing loved ones killed before their eyes, and children thrown into fire and burned alive. DOMINICK REUTER / AFP/GETTY IMAGES I am a mother, and I saw my children in the eyes of every single refugee child I met, she said. How can any mother endure seeing her child thrown into a fire The two-time Academy Award winner said Their experiences will never leave me. I saw myself in every parent. ( As reported in the news.