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Scotiabank Sep: House Doesn and Immigration Tension

scotiabank sep: See listing, according to NOW Magazine. Rating NNNNWhen 15-year-old Kiira Rosa Honkonen gets pregnant, she and her equally young boyfriend, Lenni Jere Ristsepp decide to keep the baby. Sep 8, 7 15 pm, Scotiabank 11; Sep 10, 11 30 am, AGO; Sep 15, 8 pm, Scotiabank 7. It's clear from the start the young parents are hoping to create the family they always wanted both live with their single moms who aren't invested in them. Set against the backdrop of immigration tension in Finland and the rise of neo-Nazis, Stupid Young Heart is more than a teen romance. But the novelty of playing house doesn't last long, and their future looks dire without jobs or money. ( As reported in the news.