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Prisoner Numbers: Task Force and Wisdom Gangs

prisoner numbers: The B.C. Penitentiary Cemetery, where at least 47 prisoners were buried between 1913 and 1968, was at risk of being forgotten, McEvoy said, according to Vancouver Courier. Over the past two years, McEvoy has lead a task force to restore the cemetery where federal inmates whose families didn't claim their remains were buried. The New Westminster city councillor spotted a coyote during a walk and followed it over a fence in pursuit of a photo.article continues below Trending Stories Your commute is going to suck on Tuesday, so Trans Link has some words of wisdom Gangs of Vancouver Police investigating suspicious death at Kingsgate Mall When he looked down through the tall grass, overgrown brambles and prickly bushes, he noticed rocks marked with prisoner numbers. It's an important piece of B.C. history, he said, especially as a snapshot of a diverse segment of the population. This is sort of an average people's historic site and it's a multicultural site, it reflects what British Columbia really looked like, he said, adding there are inmates of Indigenous, Hawaiian, Chinese and African descent. British Columbia has a lot of historical sites that honour the colonial heritage and colonial officials. ( As reported in the news.