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Master Distractor: Mich ., and Canada Isn

master distractor: Michael Moore, photographed at TIFF on Sept. 7, expresses what almost sounds like admiration for Donald Trump's skill as a master distractor, writes Peter Howell, according to Toronto Star. Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Why can't I get some kind of papers As a back-up! Can we get a campaign going in this country to fight on my behalf They don't have to give me a passport. My grandfather was Canadian, the moviemaker from Flint, Mich., says by way of a greeting, as he works through a series of press interviews in a hotel lobby restaurant. Just give me some kind of thing where I don't have to do a Handmaid's Tale run into this country! He admits his desire to be at one with Canada isn't entirely motivated by his intense dislike of U.S. President Donald J. Trump, whose unlikely rise to power is examined and excoriated in Fahrenheit 11/9, the inflammatory new Moore documentary that opens wide Friday. Article Continued Below Man, what can we do to get Coffee Crisp in the United States What is wrong with us that we don't have that yet Something's wrong with that. Seems Moore, 64, has long been jealous about our chocolate bars especially Coffee Crisp, which he can't obtain stateside. ( As reported in the news.