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Rejections: Liberal-Held Ridings

rejections: However, a CTV News analysis of the data shows that when you adjust the results to take into account the average number of these rejected applications per riding, the rate of rejections was higher in Conservative ridings than in Liberal-held ridings, according to CTV. On average, Conservative ridings averaged 6.5 rejections, while Liberal ridings averaged 4.1 rejections per riding. According to numbers recently tabled in the House of Commons, Liberal-held ridings experienced the largest overall number of applications rejected on account of being incomplete and deemed ineligible according to the government's evaluation. These results were tabled in Parliament on the request of Conservative MP Karen Vecchio, who asked for the government to via an Order Paper Question present the total number of applications rejected on the basis of issues with the attestation. According to the minister's office, ineligible applications do not go forward, and are ultimately denied the chance for funding. The results however, speak to the number of funding applications deemed incomplete which, according to the minister's office is different than being rejected. ( As reported in the news.