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House Arrest: Suu Kyi and Canadian Citizenship

house arrest: Never has such a tribute been revoked, according to Toronto Star. For Suu Kyi, de facto president of Burma as the Star style guide insists on calling Myanmar it should be. Bullit Marquez / AP Nelson Mandela The Dalai Lama Aung San Suu Kyi Article Continued Below Aga Khan IVMalala Yousafzai They are the six distinguished individuals who have been given honorary Canadian citizenship. Where once Suu Kyi was a human rights icon, the world's most famous political prisoner, kept under house arrest for nearly two decades by Burma's military regime, she has undergone a disgraceful metamorphosis, neither raising a finger nor uttering a word of condemnation for her country's ethnic cleansing of the uniquely despised and dehumanized Rohingya Muslim minority. Tens of thousands have been killed. Upwards of a million Rohingya have fled over the border into Bangladesh since a ferocious military crackdown against them began in August 2017, subsisting in squalor into displacement camps with scarce food, clean water or medicine. ( As reported in the news.