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Hassan Taraqji: Security Apparatuses and Opioid Overdose

hassan taraqji: His death from opioid overdose 'wasn't supposed to be'Vancouver High on Life vloggers die in Shannon Falls tragedy Vancouver's record-breaking homeless population at 2,181 people We hope we can meet the people's aspirations and improve conditions and services in the city, said Hassan Taraqji, a Baath party candidate in Damascus, according to Vancouver Courier. The Baath party, which has controlled Syria's political and security apparatuses since the 1960s, was expected to sweep the elections. Candidates campaigned on promises to promote reconstruction after seven years of civil war left cities and towns in ruins.article continues below Trending Stories Watch our Vancouver mayoral debate He loved kiteboarding, biking and hiking. The war waged by President Bashar Assad's government against local opposition forces and the Islamic State group has cost the country more than 300 billion in economic damage, according to a recent U.N. study. But parts of the country remain beyond Damascus' reach, including the U.S.-backed self-administered Kurdish region in north Syria, which also includes Arab and minority populations. Observers say more than 400,000 people have been killed. ( As reported in the news.