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Law Schreter: Marijuana Shops and Opioid Overdose

law schreter: His death from opioid overdose 'wasn't supposed to be'Vancouver's record-breaking homeless population at 2,181 people Two years later, 57 marijuana shops continue to flout law Schreter and his family, particularly the youngest among them, can all speak French, Quebec's only official language, according to Vancouver Courier. People's education was disrupted by WW2, said Schreter, whose father, a Jew from Romania, moved to Montreal in 1948 and eventually bought the store 10 years later from his first cousin, Joseph. Steve Schreter's clothing store opened by a relative in 1928 is one of the few from that time period remaining on the city's famous strip.article continues below Trending Stories Watch our Vancouver mayoral debate He loved kiteboarding, biking and hiking. They weren't educated in that sense. They managed to learn French well enough to do their business. They had street smarts, they had entrepreneurial skills. ( As reported in the news.