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Andrzej Duda: Marijuana Shops and Opioid Overdose

andrzej duda: His death from opioid overdose 'wasn't supposed to be'Vancouver's record-breaking homeless population at 2,181 people Two years later, 57 marijuana shops continue to flout law In a letter read aloud at a ceremony Sunday morning, Andrzej Duda, president of Poland, said he was proud of the many contributions Polish people have made to Canadian society in areas of science and culture while continuing to carry on their heritage, according to Vancouver Courier. We want to preserve and develop the closest possible bonds with our compatriots all across the world, and this connection the Canadian-Polonia occupies a very special place, Duda wrote. Dominik Barcz, a fur merchant from a Polish city on the Baltic coast, was the first recorded Polish immigrant to arrive on Canadian soil in 1752, leading many generations of Poles who later found a new home in Canada.article continues below Trending Stories Watch our Vancouver mayoral debate He loved kiteboarding, biking and hiking. I trust that it will be a lasting trace of Polish people's presence in Canada, and inspiration for even better cooperation between our two respective countries. This is not just an average rock, said Jan Skora, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland, who came up with the idea for a monument in 2016. The monument, displayed outside the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, is built with a large piece of natural sandstone from southern Poland, mounted on a granite base from Nova Scotia.A plaque on the front of the monument reads A stone from Poland in honour of emigrants from Polish lands who contributed to the creation and development of Canada, which in return offered them shelter and new prospects. ( As reported in the news.