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Pmo Officials: Fringy Types and Media Group

pmo officials: There's no doubt that lady was a plant in there ... to try and embarrass the prime minister, because she's one of these fringy types, said Mathers, noting that PMO security officials routinely monitor intelligence for any potential threats or disturbances at public events, according to Vancouver Courier. Given that she belonged to a social media group that openly discussed plans to attend last week's event, it is unlikely the prime minister's security detail or PMO officials were taken by surprise, he added. Nor were members of Conservative rival Andrew Scheer's staff willing to discuss Tuesday whether their leader was aware of the woman's background when he issued a statement late Monday deriding Trudeau's response as dodging a legitimate policy question.article continues below Trending StoriesCTV Vancouver reveals its 'major refresh' as former anchor prepares to give her side of the story Unravelling an unprecedented natural disaster why is B.C. burning every summer Minimum wage increases go into effect June 1 across B.C. Vancouver Park Board marks a Canadian first with new hire But with such details as close as the nearest iPhone, suggesting otherwise stretches credulity, said Chris Mathers, a former RCMP officer and security consultant who was once part of the detail that protected the prime minister's official residence. If alerted to an organized effort to potentially cause a disruption, security officials would have informed the PMO anyway, Mathers said. The Quebec government has demanded Ottawa pay the full costs of social services provided to so-called irregular migrants who have crossed into Canada between established border crossings over the past couple of years costs the province says have reached 146 million so far. During a campaign-style rally Thursday southeast of Montreal, the woman shouted questions in French at Trudeau, asking him when the federal government would repay Quebec for costs it has incurred as a result of an influx of illegal immigrants coming over the Canada-U.S. border. ( As reported in the news.