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Plateau Neighbourhood: Mont-Royal Ridings and Mont-Royal Outremont

plateau neighbourhood: The map is inherently discriminatory against some voters, says Montreal City Coun, according to National Observer. Marvin Rotrand. polqc qcpoli qc2018The changes have a particular impact on D'Arcy-McGee's Jewish community, which will see its clout reduced as the riding gains 13,000 new voters, and Montreal's Filipino and Hasidic Jewish communities, which traditionally inhabit C te des Neiges and the Town of Mount Royal, and Outremont, respectively, and are now divided into two ridings each. Last year, the electoral commission eliminated the city's Outremont and Mont-Royal ridings, and split their voters between the expanded riding of D'Arcy-McGee, a new riding called Mont-Royal Outremont, and the riding of Mercier, which covers part of Montreal's Plateau neighbourhood. A riding should make some sense, David Birnbaum, Liberal MNA for D'Arcy-McGee, told National Observer in an interview in early August. If his campaign is successful, he'll have a significantly larger and more diverse riding than he did when the legislature dissolved. It should be geographically coherent, and it should respect natural communities, and that's a fundamental concern I have with the new map . New riding nears the legal limit ; Birnbaum, who is seeking re-election in October, is Quebec's only Jewish member of the National Assembly. ( As reported in the news.