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Rempel Tweeted: Questions and Rempel

rempel tweeted: Rempel tweeted that clip on Sunday, and added that the woman's questions are the exact questions we have been asking him, according to National Observer. The next day, Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer tweeted that such questions were legitimate. Michelle Rempel made the comments during a news conference in Ottawa after reporters asked her to explain why she had used the woman's questions as part of her party's political criticism of Trudeau. ; Rempel, who represents a Calgary riding in Parliament, said she had only seen a 1 46-long clip on CTV News, where the woman shouts in French at Trudeau at an event southeast of Montreal, about repaying Quebec for the costs of illegal immigrants. Federal Liberals say that the Conservatives are promoting intolerance by amplifying far-right views. Trudeau responded to the activist's use of the term by saying, madam, your racism has no place here. The full exchange, which lasted over six minutes, shows the woman identified by La Presse Canadienne as Diane Blain, a member of an anti-immigrant, nationalist group repeatedly ask a second question are you tolerant of Qu b cois de souche Qu b cois de souche is a term used to describe old-stock Quebecers that is considered to be intolerant since it excludes visible minorities. ( As reported in the news.