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Asian Descent: Police Officer and Julian Menezes

asian descent: Menezes, 36, told a news conference Tuesday he's relieved the case, which centred on racial profiling and excessive force, is complete, according to CTV. But he added he would be lying if he said the incident hasn't had a bit of a chilling effect on how he views law enforcement. Julian Menezes, who is of South Asian descent, was driven around town handcuffed in the back of a cruiser and dropped off far from home after the officers had hurled racial slurs at him. I try to check that and I try to say it happened to me but this isn't every police officer, he said. He expressed disappointment the City of Montreal did not consider measures to address what he calls systemic discrimination. But I'm suspicious, I'm reticent and I try to avoid police as much as I can. ( As reported in the news.