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Fact-Checking Feature: Trudeau Pmo and Baloney Meter

fact-checking feature: The Canadian Press Baloney Meter a regular fact-checking feature by the national news agency, the Calgary-Nose Hill Conservative MP complained in a now notorious Twitter rant, is scheming with the Prime Minister's Office to spin the news to the Liberal government's advantage, according to Rabble. Their baloney meter is a spin tool for the Trudeau PMO, she Tweeted last week. If you doubt this, consider recent Tweets by the likes of Calgary Conservative MP Michelle Rempel, who accused the Trudeau government and the media of being in a conspiracy to use facts to challenge conservative orthodoxy. Just look at Trudeau's top henchman's Twitter feed useage of it. Sad. It's that sort of editorialization disguised as journalism that degrades journalism writ large. ( As reported in the news.