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Apache Corp: Lng and Keane

apache corp: The Woodfibre LNG Project is on track to be one of the first LNG processing and export terminals in Canada, said Keane in a news release, according to Vancouver Courier. I welcome this opportunity to be directly involved in building an LNG facility, and to help create all of the jobs, training and other economic opportunities that come with this project. Keane will now lead the construction phase of the new liquified natural gas plant in Squamish. The company had been seeking a new president for the past three years, after Anthony Gelotti departed in November 2015 at the end of a two-year contract. Prior to his work with the Alliance, Keane held senior roles with BG Group, Dynegy Europe, Apache Corp and Conoco Inc. At the time, vice-president of corporate affairs Byng Giraud told news outlets that the company was seeking a new person for the next phase of the project, which would be construction based. ( As reported in the news.