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Air Quality: Vancouver and Policy Issues

air quality: This is my job as a member of Parliament, according to Vancouver Courier. Moreover, it is my duty, as a Conservative member of Parliament, to contribute to debates and to offer policy solutions from a conservative perspective. The full text of the hard-hitting statement he read aloud during his news conference article continues below Trending StoriesCTV Vancouver reveals its 'major refresh' as former anchor prepares to give her side of the story Missing Vancouver tourist has been found Amanda Tapping on coping with miscarriage Breathe easy Vancouver our air quality advisory has been lifted Over the past few months, I have been raising policy issues which I believe are crucially important for the future of our country. Otherwise, what is the point of being involved in politics I am in politics to defend ideas, real conservative ideas. Because I know that the free-market conservative philosophy has the best solutions to ensure our society is more prosperous, secure, and peaceful. Because I passionately care about Canada's future. ( As reported in the news.