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Bill C: Government Targets and Justin Tang

bill c: Justin Tang / The Canadian Press The Liberal government can say all these nice words and make themselves sound different from the Conservatives, Kwan said in a phone interview, according to Toronto Star. But while the Conservatives' policies targeted immigrants, for instance with Bill C-24 Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act as second-class citizens, the Liberals' fixes are just creating new problems. NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan, MP for Vancouver East, criticized federal Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Ahmed Hussen for his remarks in Surrey that suggested government targets must be accountable to public opinion. Kwan was reacting to Hussen's comments after he announced the country's family reunification limit for parents and grandparents of newcomers already here would rise next year to 20,000 which he said would double the current cap on new applications and quadruple the number before the Liberals took office. Article Continued Below Here's the challenge that we have as a government we can only set targets based on support from Canadians, Hussen said in response to a question at a Surrey Board of Trade event Tuesday. But Hussen cautioned that his government remains challenged by public acceptance of immigration's benefits. ( As reported in the news.