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Ted Cruz: Campaign Headquarters and Stories Workers

ted cruz: Ted Cruz and Virginia Senate candidate Corey Stewart.article continues below Trending Stories Workers find human bone while digging in Kamloops'It's raining, can I get a hell yeah' Vancouverites rejoice in weather change Burnaby man killed after striking retaining wall in Vancouver's West Side Minimum wage increases go into effect June 1 across B.C. Schlinger is the president of Campaign Headquarters, a call centre that makes fundraising calls, identifies supporters and helps turn out voters for conservative candidates and groups, according to Vancouver Courier. Her business is one of the largest in Brooklyn, the central Iowa town where Tibbetts disappeared while out for a run on July 18. Nicole Schlinger has long been a key fundraiser and campaign contractor for GOP politicians in Iowa and beyond, including this cycle for Texas Sen. Schlinger is married to Eric Lang, the president of the family-owned dairy that has acknowledged providing employment and housing for the last four years to Cristhian Bahena Rivera, the man charged with murder in Tibbetts' death. She said Rivera lived there for the duration of his employment, and about half of the farm's other 10 workers do so as well. The couple along with her husband's brother Craig Lang and his wife own farmland outside Brooklyn that includes trailers where some of the dairy's employees live for free as a benefit of their employment, farm spokeswoman Eileen Wixted confirmed. ( As reported in the news.