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Facebook Friends: Mass Shooting and Info Wars

facebook friends: Welcome to the info wars, according to NOW Magazine. These days there are plenty of Joe Blows with their tiny cabal of Twitter followers and Facebook friends and Trump-inspired Make Ontario Great Again hashtags on their profile pages blasting away on the news of the day. It didn't take long for the angry mob to come out of the woodwork and start infecting social media with their anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-Black, anti-everything drivel after Sunday's mass shooting on the Danforth, in which three people including the alleged shooter were killed and 13 others injured. Individually they're just annoying. Don't look now but the barbarians supported by Russian bots, it seems are not only at the gates, they've invaded social media like stink on shit, quickly turning Twitter and Facebook into the real repositories of fake news. Together, they're contributing to a radical shift in political discourse in Canada. ( As reported in the news.