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Richard Longley: Terracotta Tiles and Toronto Issue

richard longley: And there are buildings in plain sight that contain unseen stories, histories, industries, businesses and ideas, according to NOW Magazine. For NOW's third Hidden Toronto Issue, we spotlight 15 worth investigating. 1 of 5Expand The Junction Jewel Box is set for demolition, but its decorative terracotta tiles may be saved after all. 2 of 5Expand Photos by Richard Longley 3 of 5Expand 4 of 5Expand 5 of 5Expand Prev Next1. In Toronto, there are places so mysterious, they might as well be invisible. JOHN SHELLEY TURNER'S TERRACOTTA JEWEL BOX, 20 Jerome In the 1890s, 30 years before he began work on the Canadian War Memorial at Vimy, sculptor Walter Allward refined his skills by making moulds for decorative terracotta tiles at the Don Valley Brick Works. The house was included in the book Terra Cotta Artful Deceivers, by Alec Keefer, published by Architectural Conservancy Ontario in 1996. In 1905, John Shelley Turner built 20 Jerome Street and covered it with terracotta tiles. ( As reported in the news.