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Letter Thursday: Letter and Crisis Macleod

letter thursday: The letter to Social Development Minister Jean-Yves Duclos says federal support has been inadequate to meet the current and future needs posed by this crisis, according to Vancouver Courier. MacLeod asked Duclos to consider the letter a formal request for direct and full compensation for the costs associated with the support Ontario and its municipalities are providing. Lisa Mac Leod, Ontario's minister for children, community and social services, sent a letter Thursday demanding financial compensation and expressing concern over the federal government's efforts in managing the issue of illegal border crossing. article continues below Trending Stories Richmond fire makes for smoky conditions in Vancouver, traffic woes in Richmond Here's what we know about Matthew Navas-Rivas, Vancouver's 12th murder victim of 2018Amanda Tapping on coping with miscarriage Gangs of Vancouver In the letter, Mac Leod, who is also responsible for immigration, said that for over a year Ontario has been straining to support border crossers and that the Liberal government's approach is now testing the patience and generosity of Ontarians. Speaking to reporters at the Ontario legislature, Mac Leod said the costs are growing and it's time the federal government made Ontario whole financially. MacLeod says the 200-million figure breaks down as follows 74 million for shelter costs for the City of Toronto, 12 million for shelter costs for the City of Ottawa, 90 million for social assistance costs her ministry is footing, 20 million for education and 3 million for the Red Cross, which has also helped with temporary housing. She had warned Ottawa earlier this week, while appearing before a House of Commons immigration committee, that the request would come. ( As reported in the news.