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Myanmar: Rohingya and Citizenship

myanmar: On Wednesday, Myanmar and UN agencies signed an agreement that could -- eventually -- lead to the return of some of the 700,000 Rohingya who fled persecution in their homeland and are now crowded into makeshift camps in Bangladesh, according to CTV. While the refugees welcomed the talks, they have also heard years of empty promises from the government in Yangon. Most refugees say they are desperate to go home, but fear going back unless they are given protection and citizenship. Mohammed Toiteb Ali, who fled brutal attacks last year that sent hundreds of thousands of Rohingya across the border, said Yangon could first give citizenship to the Rohingya who remain in Myanmar. Many said they would not be truly happy with an agreement unless it announces that the Rohingya will get citizenship and the return of the property they lost in the pogroms. When we are assured by seeing and knowing that they are enjoying their citizenship, then we will go back, Ali said Friday, while strolling through the crowded market of the Kutupalong refugee camp. ( As reported in the news.