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Hispanic Workers: Immigrant Workers and York Restaurants

hispanic workers: Bourdain, who died Friday in France in an apparent suicide at age 61, was an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump's immigration policies and a fierce defender of Hispanic workers, according to CTV. The chef, global traveller and author, whose popularity grew with his CNN series Parts Unknown, often was the first to tip his hat to his employees from Central America or Mexico. He also was committed to the immigrant workers who toil in his and other kitchens throughout the restaurant industry. He promoted his Mexican-born sous chef, the late Carlos Llaguno Garcia, to run two of his New York restaurants and complained loudly about the United States' ridiculously hypocritical attitudes toward immigration. But in two decades as a chef and employer, I never had one American kid walk in my door and apply for a dishwashing job, a porter's position or even a job as prep cook. Some, of course, like to claim that Mexicans are stealing American jobs, Bourdain said in 2014. ( As reported in the news.