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Police: People and Edmonton

police: Protesters held up the Edmonton Pride Parade Saturday, demanding police and military be prohibited from marching in future parades, according to Toronto Star. Ameya Charnalia / Star Metro Edmonton We feel strongly that police should not be welcomed to march in pride parades because police have done little to seriously address the constant mistreatment of trans people, Indigenous people, Black people, people of colour and the homeless community, the group's media liaison Agnieszka Kucharska said in a statement. Protestors say their demands were met after they consulted with Edmonton Pride Festival Society representatives at the blockade, which took place after 11 a.m. on the parade route at Whyte Avenue and 104 Street. Engaging in civil disobedience is the true meaning of the history of pride, which was and is the struggle to create a better world for all. Article Continued Below The Edmonton Police Service EPS could not be reached immediately for comment. The group, which billed itself as a coalition of queer and trans people of colour, additionally demanded the Edmonton Pride Festival Society restructure its board and staff to have better representation of ethnic minorities and trans people. ( As reported in the news.