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Dinner Party: Food Writer and Circles I

dinner party: Capital D-Dinner Parties, the sort where a group of the host's friends or colleagues sit around a prettily laid table and are expected to sustain interesting conversation across the span of several courses, always feel to me like an awkward first date that just won't end; ease and enjoyment the exception rather than the rule, according to Toronto Star. I've been known to excuse myself early from the table to get a jump on the dishes, my way of coping with the discomfort. Maybe this is an inconsequential admission for some, but the dinner party is high currency in the circles I run in as a food writer, academic and chef's wife. It took upheaval for me to reconsider my approach. Everyone eats and drinks what they want, as they want it, avoiding the ever-anxious interplay between host, guest and food. As the host of a more relaxed dinner party, Franklin says she can sit back and enjoy the gathering. ( As reported in the news.