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Drummer Tri: End Neighbourhood and China-Born Performer

drummer tri: Miss Canadiana . The bulk of the piece focuses on the Hunan, China-born performer's involvement with her band, including husband and co-songwriter Robert Drisdelle on guitar, bassist Nick Dourado and drummer Tri Le, making music that's a breath of Technicolor fresh air, not just locally but among listeners nationwide looking for something positive and fun, according to The Chronicle Herald. At first I had no idea why we were picked, and I looked into some of the others in the series, says Song over coffee in her South End neighbourhood. The new 10-episode online series profiles Canadian artists from a broad range of cultures, and the quartet's singer Shane Keyu Song, who is also a talented painter and graphic designer, represents Nova Scotia among a host of creators like Kazakh muralist and Matt Mays record cover illustrator Ola Volo and Toronto artist and activist Camille Turner a.k.a. I thought, these people are real artists, and we look like a bunch of poor punks by comparison. There's no need for the singer to sell herself or her bandmates short though. And we are. ( As reported in the news.