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Community Leaders: Muslim Rohingya

community leaders: In their wake, Myanmar's military and local Buddhists would respond with a campaign of rape, massacre and arson that has driven about 700,000 Rohingya into Bangladesh, according to CTV. But more than a dozen teachers, elders and religious leaders told The Associated Press that educated Rohingya - already subject to systematic and widespread harassment, arrests and torture - were singled out, part of Myanmar's operation to drive the Muslim Rohingya from majority Buddhist Myanmar. It was Aug. 26, the day after Rohingya Muslim separatist attacks on military outposts in the group's homeland in western Myanmar. Soldiers targeted the educated, they said, so there would be no community leaders left willing to speak up against the pervasive abuse. My brother apologized and pleaded with the military not to kill him; he showed them his ID card and said, 'I'm a teacher, I'm a teacher.' But the government had planned to kill our educated people, including my brother, Hashim said. It's an old tactic, according to those who study genocide - and often a precursor to killing. ( As reported in the news.