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Labour Shortage: Lisee and Newcomers

labour shortage: A PQ government elected Oct. 1 would try to reverse the trend that sees 90 per cent of all newcomers to Quebec move to the Montreal area, Lisee said, according to The Chronicle Herald. The plan also seeks to ensure newcomers speak French by forcing them to pass a test before they get on Quebec soil, Lisee said. PQ leader Jean-Francois Lisee said his plan will better integrate newcomers and prevent more of them from leaving the province for other parts of Canada, encourage immigrants to live outside Montreal and respond to Quebec's labour shortage. We are more frank about the conditions for success, he told reporters. Both the PQ and the Coalition Avenir Quebec said the Liberals' policies have led to high unemployment levels among immigrants and a failure of newcomers speaking adequate French. The people who come here and can't speak French are either unemployed, or they leave for other provinces therefore, they waste their time and ours. ( As reported in the news.