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Fluorescent-Tube Sculptures: Art Era and Art World

fluorescent-tube sculptures: Shellie Zhang's 'A Place for Wholesome Amusements' on College St, according to Toronto Star. MORRIS LUM Zhang asks a similar question of artists like Flavin. The art-history observant would make a link with Dan Flavin's Minimalist works of the 1960s fluorescent-tube sculptures that have since become some of the most revered and pricey works of an era where, ironically, artists used humble materials to hold a mirror up to an art world bloated on excess to ask what, exactly, value meant. A forefather of the 1960s conceptual art era, Flavin was part of a cadre of artists bent on emptying out meaning, replacing it with riddles about material and form. Read more Emily Carr painting gets new name for new era Article Continued Below Toronto's got a roving gang of mannequin squatters Ai Weiwei exhibition coming to Gardiner Museum Just west and a bit more south, at 285 Spadina Ave., a Rexall Drugs conceals an empty theatre, an absent marquee. Zhang's works, meanwhile, are loaded up Her spare forms, glowing behind glass, embody the faded history of a cross-cultural moment in the city's urban fabric, cradled in the ragtag blocks that surround it. ( As reported in the news.