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Lisee: Immigration Policy and Points System

lisee: Lisee said that should the party prove victorious in October's election, they would try to reverse the current trend that sees 90 per cent of new Quebecers settling in Montreal, according to CTV. To accomplish that, the PQ would implement a points system, with those agreeing to live in one of the regions receiving double the number of points as those who come to Montreal. PQ leader Jean-Francois Lisee unveiled the party's immigration policy on Tuesday alongside spokesperson for immigration and diversity Catherine Fournier and spokesperson for regional development Sylvain Gaudreault. Lisee said that incentive would encourage new arrivals to populate areas suffering from labour shortages and aging populations. The PQ held onto its policy that any new immigrant would have to be able to speak French before arriving. - With files from The Canadian Press He said there would be no minimum stay time to receive the points but didn't believe immigrants would then move to Montreal if they had a home and job in the regions. ( As reported in the news.