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John Tory: Tory and Shelter System

john tory: At the current rate of arrivals, Tory said Toronto projects that refugees will represent more than 50 per cent of the city's shelter residents by November, according to Vancouver Courier. Toronto is a city built by immigrants many who came from around the world as refugees, Tory said. The federal and Ontario governments should take action to relieve the growing pressure refugee claimants are putting on the city's shelter system, John Tory said Friday, as he asked for support with the issue.article continues below Trending Stories Richmond says it's prepared for projected rising river levels 56 million grant may make waiting for train in Coquitlam a thing of the past Silver lining for stranded Kiwi couple left with nothing after their car was stolen Interiors, done from outside the box Tory said 10 new refugee claimants are added to Toronto's shelter system each day, and 334 additional refugee claimants have arrived since he last appealed for help on April 26. We want refugees to be as big a success story for Canada as have been prior generations of refugees, he said. Tory said he's looking for a number of things from Ottawa and the province, including co-ordination and leadership to help with the immediate placement of new arrivals outside of the city's shelter system. But the responsibility for that outcome now lies with our provincial and federal partners. ( As reported in the news.