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Documents: Travel Documents and Canada

documents: I got assurances about co-operation between Canada and Nigeria on irregular migration, both in terms of helping us with the deterrence message to the Nigerian public, but also in getting travel documents, passports for people who are in the removals queue, Hussen said, according to Vancouver Courier. Travel documents for Nigerian nationals who are set to be removed from Canada, but who lack travel documents. Hussen travelled to the African nation this week as part of the Liberal government's efforts to stop asylum seekers from crossing into Canada from the United States between legal checkpoints.article continues below Trending Stories Richmond says it's prepared for projected rising river levels 56 million grant may make waiting for train in Coquitlam a thing of the past Silver lining for stranded Kiwi couple left with nothing after their car was stolen Interiors, done from outside the box The assurance over documentation was a key commitment made during meetings Hussen held with top government officials in Nigeria, the minister said in a briefing with reporters about the trip. Most of the people entering Canada from the U.S. between regular border crossings this spring have been from Nigeria, with the majority carrying valid U.S. travel visas. The goal of meetings with his direct counterpart in the Nigerian government, as well as that country's foreign affairs minister, diplomatic officials from the United States and civil society groups in Lagos and the Nigerian capital, Abuja, was to get the message across that Nigerians can't simply walk into Canada and expect to stay, said Hussen. One of the difficulties in dealing with the border crossers is obtaining proper documentation so they can be removed from Canada and returned to their country of origin once their asylum claims have been rejected, a process that can sometimes take years. ( As reported in the news.