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Spending: Technology Spending and People

spending: The answer he eventually got from other people over the years was that Japan is a small country without a lot of natural resources, one that had to massively invest in its people through technology spending and education.article continues below Trending Stories Richmond says it's prepared for projected rising river levels 56 million grant may make waiting for train in Coquitlam a thing of the past Silver lining for stranded Kiwi couple left with nothing after their car was stolen Interiors, done from outside the box I remember being really pissed off, Trudeau said Friday at an innovation and sustainability conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, according to Vancouver Courier. Wait, wait, wait, we have all these advantages and because we have all these advantages we can't be smart and innovative too Trudeau said Canada now relies heavily on technology and innovation in harvesting its natural resources, but he added it has also learned that resource development alone cannot drive the country's economy. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau remembers asking his father why the stereo and other gadgets he had as a boy were made in Japan not in Canada. The question-and-answer session with MIT professor Danielle Wood was the final event of Trudeau's three-day trip to the United States, where he focused largely on selling Canada as a solid place to invest. Trudeau's trip came at a tense stage of those talks between Canada, the United States and Mexico. The Bank of Canada warned earlier this week investor confidence has been hit by concerns about the progress on negotiating a new North American Free Trade Agreement. ( As reported in the news.