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Border: Rcmp Officer and Asylum Seekers

border: A month earlier, in March, 1,970 asylum seekers entered Canada in between official border crossings, according to Toronto Star. An RCMP officer stands guard at the border leading into Canada from the United States near Champlain, NY, in April. The federal government said the number of people intercepted by the RCMP while crossing the border in April jumped 30 per cent to 2,560. Paul Chiasson / THE CANADIAN PRESS In previous months, the number of people crossing illegally into Canada from the United States has been steady at around 1,500 each month. Last month, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said he intended to travel to Nigeria in an attempt to spread the message that people who arrive in Canada and to not meet the threshold required for obtaining political asylum will be returned to their countries. The vast majority of those entering the country in April 2,479 people arrived in the province of Quebec. ( As reported in the news.