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Vancouver Need: Stewart and Vancouver Mayor

vancouver need: In an interview with National Observer, Stewart explained why he violated the injunction. ; Mainly for me it was standing up for my constituents, he said, according to National Observer. The citizens of Vancouver need to be consulted more widely on this issue, and that's something I may include in my platform in the election for Vancouver Mayor in the coming days. Many of the rules and laws that we benefit from now have been achieved through civil disobedience Stewart, who announced last week that he planned to resign his seat in Parliament to run for mayor, received a 500 fine, as recommended by the Crown prosecutor, Trevor Shaw. Stewart knows that other arrestees are handling their cases differently, with some opting to go to trial. Special Prosecutor, Michael Klein, took note of Stewart's early plea and recommended the court apply the standard 500 penalty, explaining that it has been a very early resolution to the matter, and Mr. I wanted to show respect for the court, and I thought this was the best way to do that. ( As reported in the news.