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Canadian-Looking Park: Park and Heritage Sensitivity

canadian-looking park: Plans call for an off-leash dog park at 825 Agnes St. in New Westminster, B.C., to become a Chinese memorial park to honour the city's long-displaced, once-booming Chinatown, according to Toronto Star. Screencap Google Maps Street View We want to share the history of this site, and the lack of historical and heritage sensitivity, Bill Chu, founder of Canadians for Reconciliation, said in a phone interview. Tensions around how to recognize that history which was displaced by authorities in the early 20th century are boiling over as some community members say there hasn't been adequate input from the actual Chinese community. If we don't have that, the whole thing will deteriorate further into any Canadian-looking park out there. The city displaced its once-booming Chinatown, which was larger in its prime than Vancouver's. The park, at 825 Agnes St., was once home to a building known as the Chinese Old Man's Home, which was the site of New Westminster's Chinese Benevolent Association a place Chu said served as the Chinese community's central gathering and services site, including a seniors' home, health facilities, meeting place and more. ( As reported in the news.