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Badian: Listing Rating and Immigrant Experience

badian: See listing, according to NOW Magazine. Rating NNNNThis new romantic comedy from SMOOTHIELAND artistic director and Blyth Festival creator-in-residence Marie Beath Badian has the vibrant manic energy of a good sitcom, but also shines a light on the insidious microaggressions that many newcomers to Canada endure. Joseph Michael Photography PRAIRIE NURSE by Marie Beath Badian Thousand Islands Playhouse/Factory 125 Bathurst . Runs to May 13. 30- 50. 416-504-9971, factorytheatre. Set in the 1960s and inspired by her mother's own immigrant experience, Badian's story follows the arrival of two young nurses from the Philippines at a small-town hospital in Arborfield, Saskatchewan. Badian creates a string of awkward and telling mistaken-identity moments similar to those befalling the twins in The Comedy Of Errors despite the fact that Penny and Puring are not alike at all. But before the pair arrive, we're introduced to the lively staff they soon meet; there's no-nonsense head nurse Marie Anne Catherine Fitch ultra-enthusiastic high-school volunteer Patsy Janelle Hanna bug-eyed hunting-obsessed Scottish doctor Miles Mark Crawford folksy handyman Charlie Layne Coleman and lab technician/local hockey star Wilf Matt Shaw . The plot turns on these all-white characters' inability to differentiate between their new Filipino coworkers, Indepencia Isabel Kanaan who goes by Penny, and Purificacion Belinda Corpuz who is called Puring. ( As reported in the news.