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Television Audience and Caroline Codsi

show: The public debate moved on to an even wider television audience this past Sunday when Quebec's first female premier Pauline Marois joined journalist and author Pascale Navarro and former MNA Yolande James to continue discussing the issue on Tout le Monde en Parle, the province's most popular French-language talk show, according to National Observer. When we legislate parity, we find the women, and when we don't, we find excuses, Gouv Feminin founder and president, Caroline Codsi, concluded. qcpoli cdnpoli feminism toulastake Watching Sunday's show was an exercise in frustration. The non-partisan group is calling for parity in Quebec politics and specifically, asking for an amendment to the Election Act that would force all political parties to ensure women make up 40 to 60 per cent of all candidates by the 2020 election. Few issues manage to elicit as much agreement in what the end result should be, while remaining hopelessly divided on what the methods employed to get there are even among many women. The irrefutable fact is this Quebec women are still woefully underrepresented in the public sphere and governments and political parties have repeatedly failed to address the problem. As a result, we remain at an impasse those who demand forced quotas from political parties because they see it as the only way to true democratic representation Navarro and those who prefer to gently nudge progress in the right direction Marois and Yolande the way you do a hopelessly slow turtle that keeps turning its head to look at you accusingly because you woke it up from its nap. ( As reported in the news.