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Canada Ruling: Espionage Saga and Brothers Timothy

canada ruling: The high court is expected to rule soon on whether it will examine the legal issues at the heart of the unusual espionage saga, according to Vancouver Courier. The brothers Timothy, 27, and Alexander, 23, were born in Canada in the 1990s to parents using the aliases Donald Heathfield and Tracey Ann Foley. The Federal Court of Canada ruling follows a similar decision in the case of his younger brother, Alexander.article continues below Trending Stories65 unusual gifts Ideas for the paleo, yogi, crossfitter, photographer and more Parents of missing man mark painful five-year anniversary Sweets for Diwali take a month's preparation Point Grey tax rally protests 'ideological' property tax However, the Supreme Court of Canada will have the final say on whether the young men are Canadian citizens. The parents were arrested eight years ago in the United States and indicted on charges of conspiring to act as secret agents on behalf of Moscow. Timothy tried to renew his Canadian passport in 2011, but was told to first apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate. In all, 11 people four of whom claimed to be Canadian were indicted on charges of conspiring to act as agents in the U.S. on behalf of the SVR, successor to the notorious Soviet KGB. Heathfield and Foley admitted to being Andrey Bezrukov and Elena Vavilova. ( As reported in the news.