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Sponsor Volha: March Decision and Toronto Man

sponsor volha: While the March 20 decision simply said the application was denied because the officer wasn't satisfied the relationship was genuine, the Toronto man says the officer questioned Volha repeatedly during an interview about why the sponsorship application was filed almost two years after their wedding in May 2015, when the husband and wife last saw each other, according to Toronto Star. I was waiting for the house to be almost done before I filed the application to sponsor Volha and her son, said Oren, 49, an IT consultant. Now, after a tangled journey that involved buying a home in a pre-construction project that fell through, a new four-bedroom house is finally ready, but it's sitting empty because his spousal sponsorship for Volha and Yaheni Oren was rejected by the Canadian visa post in Poland in March. I don't want to bring somebody to Canada without a place to put them. Article Continued Below However, the occupancy of his home was delayed and Urbancorp later sold the project to another builder after filing for restructuring under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act in 2016. In an interview with the Star, Oren said he paid a 75,000 deposit for a pre-built Urbancorp home near Lawrence Ave. and Black Creek Dr. in 2014, a year after he was introduced to his wife by a mutual friend. ( As reported in the news.