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Ocean Liner: Ss Atlantic

ocean liner: The well-known Titanic disaster of 1912, has much in common with the sinking of the SS Atlantic, an ocean liner that sank just outside of Halifax in April of 1873, killing more than 550 people, according to CTV. The worst Trans-Atlantic passenger ship disaster of the 19th century and the worst of the 20th century, were ships that were built in the same yard, belong to the same company, and were travelling at night, in April, and both experienced a collision, explains historian Bob Chaulk, author of the book 'SS Atlantic The White Star Line's First Disaster at Sea'. Built by White Star Line- the same company behind the Titanic- the SS Atlantic was making its way from Liverpool, England to New York City when they were diverted to Halifax. But you may not know that the largest North-Atlantic marine disaster prior to the Titanic also occurred on the shores of Nova Scotia. They ran low on coal because they had a very stormy crossing and they were afraid they wouldn't make it to New York, so they did the sensible thing and diverted to Halifax, explains Chaulk. The ship was swept about 25 km off course, and at 3 15 a.m. on April 1st, the SS Atlantic smashed full speed into the rocky shores at Lower Prospect. But the ship's captain had never sailed into Halifax and didn't take into account the strong local currents created by the Bay of Fundy. ( As reported in the news.